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Restore Similkameen River
If County Commissioners Vote to Eliminate the Optional TV District, Okanogan Citizens will Lose NPR Radio Coverage

Did you know that the Okanogan PUD is proposing to drastically reduce the amount of water flowing over Similkameen Falls? You
can help change this decision.

Tell the Dept. of Ecology: Don't Destroy the sight and sound of water flowing at Similkameen Falls.

Send your comment to Pat Irle - (Washington Department of Ecology).

e-mail "Subject": Water Quality Certification for Enloe Dam

Here is a suggested message you can copy and paste:

"Protecting Similkameen Falls is right for the river and smart economics. I am asking the Washington Department of Ecology to support natural flows in the Similkameen River – a minimum of 500 cubic feet per second (cfs)."

Thank you,

Your Name
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Help Protect the new Similkameen River Trail!
View of Similkameen Falls from east side of river with Enloe Dam upstream.

401 Water Permit Background Information:

Similkameen Falls, just below Enlow Dam, is a destination view point for the new Similkameen River Trail out of Oroville. Converting the beauty of a waterfall into numbers: the low natural flow on the Similkameen River at this location is 500 cubic feet per second (cfs).

The Department of Ecology is proposing to allow the PUD to divert nearly all of the water above Enloe Dam (to benefit Okanogan Public Utility District No. 1 - PUD), drying up Similkameen Falls for most of the year.

The Okanogan community will lose important cultural, tourism, recreational, and aesthetic values. Dewatering the waterfalls could cost $500,000 each year in lost tourism value, and lose money for electricity ratepayers. Generating electricity at this site is a money loser, and yet the PUD continues to spend money on studies and consultants fees.

Deadline for public comment is March 19 – take action today and send a message to the Washington Department of Ecology.

The Similkameen River Trail needs your help. Tell regulators that you want water in the waterfalls.

P.S. forward this alert to your friends.

For more information: HydroReform Coalition and Department of Ecology.

View of Similkameen Falls and Enloe Dam from the view bench on Similkameen Trail.
Rate Payers Issues with the
Enloe Dam Facilities Re-Build

• The PUD will spend over 2 million dollars in 2012 for Enloe Dam, even though they have not produced an updated cost/benefit analysis for the project since 2007.

• The PUD is pushing ahead with Enloe Dam without obtaining the approval of the ratepayers, even while the PUD has tripled the long term debt of the PUD, and angered the ratepayers with large rate increases.

• The PUD has not recalculated projected costs for re-building the power producing facilities. The initial estimate of $28 million was calculated in 2007, nearly five years ago.
• The Rocky Mountain Econometrics estimate for costs is $40 million.

• The value of the power produced at the proposed Enloe Dam has declined by more than one half since the original 2007 estimate of $66/MWh.
• RME estimates that the long term price for Enloe power at the Mid Columbia hub will be $43.55 /megawatt hour (MWh).

• The PUD has told the public that Enloe power will qualify to be “green power” under I-937, and thus have an increased value, but our investigations show that Enloe power does not qualify now, nor will it likely qualify in future.

• The bulk of Enloe power will be produced in the spring, when the northwest market already has a glut of power available. BPA must pay wind generators to shut off their turbines, a Court has just decided.

• Enloe Dam facilities will destroy the scenic values of the Similkameen Falls canyon, which is a feature of great value on the new Similkameen River Trail, part of the Pacific Northwest Trail. Thus the dam will harm the tourism revenues associated with trail use in north Okanogan County.

• Enloe Dam is 90 years old. How long do concrete walls last. The dam is a liability for ratepayers. That is why the BLM wants the dam removed if the license is not awarded or the PUD decided not to build the new power generating facilities. Ratepayers will not have to pay for removal if OkPUD relinquishes its FERC license to electrify.

• If the dam is removed, the Similkameen River will become a valuable steelhead fishing river due to the athletic ability of steelhead to power through the falls.

For more information look on Columbiana homepage under the alert section

Thank you,
Jere Gillespie, 485-3844

Land and Community in the
Upper Columbia River Bioregion
U.S. Navy Electronic Warfare Plans for Forest Service Roads
Click to view Mobile Electronic Warfare Test Sites Maps,
U.S. Navy's Final Environmental Assessment (EA), See Comments by groups and individuals: Karen Sullivan—Violations of Law—Navy EW Plans and Forest Service, Olympic Park Associates, Kettle Range Conservation Group, Stuart R Gillespie, Dana Visalli, Other Comments, Articles: Navy Forges Electronic Warfare: Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare, Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games over National Park and Forests in Washington State.
The Navy's Mobile Electromagnetic Radiation Emitter proposed truck that will be parked at specific areas on forest service roads up to 50 days during a year for up to 8 hr stretches. So far the Navy has not requested the USFS to plow roads during winter months. Radiation will be directed west at a 3 degree arc up from horizon.
The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is taking comments until Nov 17th on the NEPA process that will be used to make their decision to issue a special use permit for 5 years to the Navy to conduct their Mobile Electronic Warfare Test Sites using Forest Service roads.The comment period will only be extended if they are receiving a lot of comments. Email or mail your comments to Phil Christy,,1 Winesap Street, Tonasket WA 98844, addressing them to Supervisor Michael L. Balboni.
Boeing's $10 billion EA-18G Growler next generation Electronic Warfare aircrafts flying over our National Forests disturbing wildlife and human dwellings close to the forest.
Truthout's Interview Dahl Jamail on Navy's Electromagnetic War Games in Washington State (11.24.14)
Comments Due Dec 19 on Okanogan Comprehensive Plan and Interim Zoning Ordinance.
Commissioners Meeting Dec 22
See info on